Graphics pipeline primitives.


BindingDescriptor A GPU descriptor binding, e.g. uniform buffer or texture sampler.
Camera A 3D camera encapsulating model, view, and projection matrices that may be bound to a vertex shader.
Material A shaded material for geometry encapsulating its Shaders, graphics pipeline state, and optionally a Texture.
Mesh A renderable mesh encapsulating vertex data.
Shader A SPIR-V program for one programmable stage in the graphics Pipeline.
Texture A 2D image stored in GPU memory.
UniformBuffer A uniform buffer object.


Color RGBA double precision color.
MaterialDirtied Argument to the Material.onDirtied Event.
ModelViewProjection A world-space model view projection matrix. Suitable for use as a uniform buffer object.
VertexPosColor Vertex attribute data comprising a 3D position and opaque color.
VertexPosColorTex Vertex attribute data comprising a 3D position, opaque diffuse color, and texture coordinates.
VertexPosNormalColor Vertex attribute data comprising a 3D position, normal vector, and opaque diffuse color.
VertexPosTintTex Vertex attribute data comprising a 3D position, tint color, and texture coordinates.


CullMode Type of face culling to use during graphic pipeline rasterization.
FrontFace Specifies the vertex order for faces to be considered front-facing.


isVertexData Detect whether T is vertex attribute data.